Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 and Requests to Visitors

* All visitors are asked to check the website of the museum before visiting.

* TURN chakai organizers will take measures to prevent the spread of infection in the exhibition hall in line with the infection prevention guidelines of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

1. TURN chakai organizers will arrange the exhibition hall so that the visitors can take enough social distances.

2. TURN chakai organizers will place enough staff in the hall so that they can guide visitors not to gather in a spot.

3. The staff will sanitize objects in the hall that are subjects to be touched by visitors.

* TURN chakai organizers may apply further countermeasures or ask visitors to obey certain rules, along with the workshop program contents.

1. The visitors participating in the workshop program are asked to follow instructions by the allocated staff. 2. Please make sure to take a break some time during the attendance to the event to prevent insolation. Drinking or eating is prohibited in the exhibition hall; please move to the designated place outside the hall to do so whenever necessary.